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Mediation & Arbitration

We understand the importance to our clients of resolving conflicts in innovative ways in this difficult and challenging time. Online mediations and arbitrations are an effective means of advancing disputes in the face of court closures, physical distancing and self-isolation.

We are able and willing to use video technology to facilitate mediations and arbitrations during the COVID 19 pandemic.

The time and expense associated with litigation is ever increasing. Mediation and arbitration are proven cost-effective methods of dispute resolution, which allow the parties to control the terms of the procedure of the case.


The process through which plaintiffs, defendants and third parties attempt to negotiate a settlement of all, or some, of the issues in dispute between them. The mediator's role is to identify issues, discuss points of view, analyze risks and, if asked, offer suggestions as to how resolutions might be reached. The decision as to whether to settle, or not, remains with the parties and their counsel. The mediator's skill and experience is directed at assisting the parties reach that settlement.


The process whereby the parties to a dispute agree to put the subject matter of the dispute into the hands of the arbitrator who will decide the case. The parties decide beforehand as to the rules that will apply in introducing evidence, generally how the arbitration will proceed, and whether or not the arbitrator's decision will be binding. In this sense the arbitrator acts much like a Judge in a trial. The arbitrator's experience and expertise in this area should significantly reduce the need for witness testimony.

Our very experienced team of mediators and arbitrators are committed to finding reasonable and practical solutions to legal disputes. Significant savings in both time and expense can usually be achieved in proceeding to mediation, or arbitration, as opposed to a lengthy trial process.

Our lawyers can help you with disputes in the following areas:

Commercial transactions
Personal injury
Family including Collaborative Divorce Alberta Association
Professional malpractice
Product Liability

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